Thursday, June 24, 2010


there was a rainbow over my desk yesterday
I thought to myself..

This must be good luck!
Maybe things are looking up!
Maybe I'm on a lucky streak!
Maybe this is a good sign!

but no..
I had a shitty day

and today is sucking even more than yesterday

fuck you rainbow...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

pour oil on him

(piece of shit)

if anyone needs Tony Hayward..
he's on his 52-foot yacht

yachting around...

while oil continues to pour into the gulf

Thursday, June 10, 2010

crazy ass

... oh no no

it's not..
it perfectly normal...
to pose with your dying loved one then sell the photo
to a tabloid.

she loved him very very much!!
so don't be hatin'

okay.. she's a crazy ass bitch..
Philip Drummond would not be pleased

Thursday, June 03, 2010

the rainbow

last week I bought a little bag of skittles
they were 40¢
I hadn't had skittle in years...

I ate half the bag
then the next day I ate the other half

the following week
I purchased the big bag

I still have the bag..
I eat a few here and a few there

but what I really want to do
is down the entire bag in one sitting
but that would be like 10-12 million calories
and that would be wrong...

all I want to do is taste that fucking rainbow
cuz it's awesome
it's candy CRACK

here's what you do
you get
1 yellow
1 orange
1 purple
1 green
1 red

eat them all at the same time..
that's the "rainbow" they speak of..
it's epic

sugar nirvana

damn you skittles..
damn you to hell

wait..I love you skittles - I didnt mean it

blanche died

stay gold...
1934 – 2010