Monday, November 19, 2007


Remember in the movie war games when
Mathew Broderick used a top to a soda can to use the
pay phone for FREE

I use to do that all the time...only I used a straightened out paper clip
I would place one end of the clip into the center of the part you talk into
and then touch the metal part of the pay phone - BAM! Free phone calls!

The Moral of the story..
- WarGames saved me lots of valuable change
which I used to play pole position & pinball at the arcade in the mall

(For all you younger kids out there...
this was
way back when pay phones were used
as a way of communicating

god I'm old..

This only goes to show
that you CAN learn a lot from 80's movies


SkylersDad said...

Yeah, waaaaay back when! I am right there with you.

Sans Pantaloons said...

Would you like to play thermoblogular warfare?

Bob said...

Greetings professor Slack!

I loved that movie. I have the DVD.

I'm old too.