Monday, November 03, 2008

who is voting?

Okay Kids..

Needless to say - I will be voting for the
Democrat tomorrow
Just wondering what your plans are

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SkylersDad said...

I already voted, and did the mail-in ballot. I love it, I won't ever go back to standing in line!

Political Realm said...

I voted early last week--I did have to wait in line (40 mins), but I think the lines will be worse tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I'll be voting tomorrow. I can't wait to see what my neighbor, Pennsylvania, comes up with. That might be the deciding factor.

M@ said...

What? No Nader? What about the Green Party?

Anonymous said...

Nader who? Sorry, the media didn't want you to know about him this go around.

I'm voting but I'm picking someone in the other category like m@ appears to be.

Bob said...

I voted for freedom.

The Wife O Riley said...

Can't I write some one in? What is the rule on people in rehab? Because I think McKenzie Phillips would make a fine leader.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for accepting my challenge, its the first time I try it. :)

I am in Norway so I can't vote, I wish I could though - the choice of president will affect us as well. :)

Jen said...

√ėyvind - Welcome & Good Luck

The Wife O Riley- BWahahah!!
I totally agree.. she has my vote!

alybeth72 said...

Well, the Washington Redskins appear to have lost this game...

according to superstition, doesn't that man Democrats ALL THE WAY?