Friday, January 09, 2009

The Twilight Zone

I Love The Twilight Zone
Original Series (1959-1964)

Rod Serling:
Born December 25, 1924, Syracuse, New York, USA
Date of Death June 28, 1975
(complications arising from a coronary bypass operation)
Height 5' 4"
A former boxer, paratrooper and general
all-around angry young man

Wrote the majority of the Twilight Zone scripts

Some of My Favorite Episodes:

"Night Of The Meek"
"The Invaders"
"Third From The Sun"
"Nothing In The Dark"

You're traveling through another dimension --
a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.
A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.
That's a signpost up ahead: your next stop: the Twilight Zone!
You unlock this door with the key of imagination.
Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight,
a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance,
of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into... the Twilight Zone.

The Twilight Zone Episode Guide

Who Loves this show?
What's Your Favorite Episodes???


Faith said...

My favourite episode was the guy who was the only survivor, and he finally had all the time he wanted with nothing to do but read. And then he breaks his thick glasses.

As a certifiable bibliomaniac, that terrifies me.

Goggles Piasano Ritardo said...

I used to have the Twilight Zone bible with a description of every episode. Im a nerd.

Dr Zibbs said...

"It's a cookbook!" (to serve man)That episode had my son freaked out for weeks.

Bob said...

I love this show!

Like Faith, I like the reading guy. As I recall that was Burgess Meredith in that episode, a fantastic actor.

I haven't seen all that many episodes, but I love the marathons on the SciFi channel. My wife and kids hate the show :(

M@ said...

Some of the older ones weren't that great but I loved the narration.... I want to see the new ones coming out.

Just Dave said...

If it were not for Twilight Zone, I never would have discovered writers like Richard Matheson and Harlan Ellison, whose stories push the boundaries of imagination out so far as to warp them permanently. Thanks, Rod. Hope you can smoke in heaven.

Anonymous said...

Can I say this show freaks me out too much to watch?! I just can't watch them. They would probably give me nightmares.

The Wife O Riley said...

We used to watch a rerun episode a night until they took it off of one of the local channels here.

I tried to watch the marathon on New Year's Eve, but I was out-voted. Stupid Wii!

Favorite Episodes?

Eye of the Beholder 11/11/60
Time Enough At Last 11/20/59 (The bookworm one)
What You Need 12/25/59

SkylersDad said...

I also liked his later series Night Gallery. My favorite Twilight Zone was the one where the spaceship landed on a planet and the crew found another copy of themselves crashed there.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a particular favorite, I just like the episodes where everyone has bad fortune and despair...

Sans Pantaloons said...

I have seen a few episodes. The one I remember may have been "Five Characters In Search Of An Exit".
I think I mostly watched 'The Outer Limits' as a youngster.

Sushiboy said...

My buddy has a Twilight Zone pinball machine. My other buddy called his BBS (somewhere nerds chatted before the internet) the Twilight Zone. But surprisingly I never was too in to it.

Miss Alex said...

Ok first off if no other show existed EVER other than this? i'd be totally fine with that. Second... I watch it ALL the time I think i pretty much stole all of brad's dvds ...

wow ... so many my favorite??? shit...