Sunday, February 15, 2009

just a thought

If I Won Powerball
the first thing I would do is hire a
Mariachi band to deliver my resignation to my office
to the tune of
of the Mexican hat dance
(if you're not familiar with the Mexican hat dance click here)

It would be so fucking beautiful.

I'd have them bring a box of donuts too..
I'm not totally heartless.


Dale said...

You're a good man Jen!

Anonymous said...

you're so thoughtful of others.

I'm going to petition the Pope to make you a Saint.

Warren Beatty said...

That's beautiful, babe.


The Wife O Riley said...

Oooooh...and a pinata, you must have a pinata. Fill it with the candy that woman is always taking out of the jar.

Miss Alex said...

BAHAHAHA... Is there any other way?

Annie said...

That's mean... Funny, but mean.

P.s. would you give me a severance check at least?

Anonymous said...


I think I'd prefer a marching band though perhaps.

Anonymous said...