Thursday, April 23, 2009


I forget the year
Early 80's

I'm at Roger Williams Park Zoo
Providence, RI

I'm at the polar bear exhibit
they have this section where you can go underneath
and see the bears swimming around

So this bear comes swimming over to the glass
he just hangs out for a while lookin' at everyone

He turns
and starts swimming away...

As he turns - He looks back over his shoulder at the glass

I raise my hand and press it on the glass
similar to that scene in Star Trek Wrath of Khan
when Spock is dying.. yeah you know what I'm talkin' about

so the bear looks right at me
turns around

Against the glass exactly where my hand was
and he looked right into my eyes

He lingered for a few seconds
Then he pushed off the glass and swam away.

Everyone standing in that area was looking at me
I could hear the Ooooos & Ahhhhhhhs

Like I was the fucking bear whisperer or something


I wanted to set him free..
He didn't belong there

I still remember this like it was yesterday.
I will always remember this.
Now you too... shall remember this...

And that's my flashback
You're Welcome

The end


Coffeypot said...

Remember what?

Just Dave said...

That's awesome. I had a similar experience with a snow leopard, getting nose-to-nose on a glass window at the San Antonio Zoo.

It's sad to realize that there is a good chance that our great-grandchildren will only know about polar bears through old pictures as they will all be gone.

SkylersDad said...

Did you press your fingers against the bears temples and say "Remember"..?

Some Guy said...

Very cool.

Miss Alex said...

Seriously that touched my shit like in a national geographic way...

wow... was like totally ET only big and white... *sigh*

P.S.... yes bitch is back !

teri said...

Jen + bear = bear whisperer said...

This makes me think of the time I saw a chimp at the zoo that acted like he wanted to kick my ass. We bonded.

Anonymous said...

I was at the San diego zoo and I had to leave my small party and make tracks around so as to not wear down my camera battery. I had a hot dog, soda, chips but didn't open the chips....instead I would crumple the bag where animals were lounging or sleeping and they would immediatly perk up and look at me and I'd take a shot. People were amazed. Someone said that's how they train them to go back in at night with treats. Noerb

Annie said...

Wow, I never heard that story before. It is amazing. I kinda got chills. Maybe you are the bear whisperer.

joe said...

I'm jealous.

2 fools said...