Wednesday, September 09, 2009

this just in

I just read that the creator
of this vile substance died today
see for yourself

And now an open letter to the creator:

Dear Syvlia,
I'm sorry you died...
You were 92, so I guess you had a good run.
But I gotta tell ya..
this shit is just a nasty, foul beverage
and I find it grossly offensive

Have I ever tried it? - no
but that's beside the point




Bunk Strutts said...

The only way to enjoy clamato juice is if you mix it half and half with beer, known as a "Redeye."

Happy 9/9/9.

SkylersDad said...

Tried it as a bloody mary mix once. What a waste of good Vodka...

teri said...

I always thought this was a myth you people were making up UNTIL I saw it in the grocery store.

I laughed, hysterically!

anne altman said...

OMG clamato rules!

but you must be hungover.

clamato and old bay seasoning makes a it bloody caesar. it's canadian.

hangover: bye bye