Thursday, March 18, 2010


Can we talk serious...

it's about something I hold dear to my heart

yeah.. it's about
the office

Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on here??

Do I dare say it...
has it... *shudder** has it....
jumped the shark??

The past two episodes??

To be honest with you, I could give a flying fuck
whether or not Pam's baby is "latching on"
frankly it disgusts me...

It's called the OFFICE not PAM & JIM HAD A BABY

That hour long episode sickened me..
what the fuck happened??
Did someone secretly replace the writers of the office with
the writers from Full House and Growing Pains?????

Jesus Christ!!!

And then last week... Jim's all like "Boooo Hooooo Hooooo
I wish I was home with my Baby oh Boo Hoooo"


Jim is getting LAME
Pam is Getting ANNOYING
And I'm getting PISSED OFF

I watch the office to see Creed growing mung beans in his desk drawer

I watch the office to see Phyllis fighting with Angela...

I watch the office to see Toby Flenderson in awkward situations...

I don't want to hear about diapers, sippy cups or breast feeding..
If I want to hear about this shit - I'll turn on the Lifetime channel

Dear writers
Get your shit together... For FUCKS SAKE!!!!!!!!

How did it come to this?

Tonights episode better be good OR so help meeeeeeeeeeee


Jen@Casual Slack


Anonymous said...

What's the old saying, when a baby cries, the series dies? They just didn't jump the shark, the held it down and humped it to death.

Bob said...

I've only watched a few episode and it was early in the series. I think the show sucks. It's not at all funny, it's just dumb and boring.

teri said...

I agree with Kirby. At some point the show gets annoying, no matter what show it is. I have recently let go of a few shows that I've been watching for a few years because I can't stand the drama and some just got boring.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It was done for me two years ago.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I noticed your avatar. I suspect you have seen this cartoon?

Jen said...


it is my favorite cartoon
of all time


I have two sericels
proudly hanging on my wall

and will have a tattoo
of it someday for sure!

greatest cartoon of all time

Chuck Jones is my god


Moderator said...

Actually, it lost me by the second season or so. Sure there a few laughs now and then...but it's nothing great.

Suburby said...

I think it maybe has jumped the shark. Pity.

Jim seems just dickish now, and I so agree about Pam calling in about the baby. Who thinks that passes for funny? It's not even funny on the Mommy blogs.

Great post -- just wish you weren;t so right

Jen said...

Thanks Suburby!

We might have to find a new show
It's sad really

Slimma said...

it's not a patch on the UK series anyway. Pity.

Jason said...

Here via Blog Explosion (and voted for you). Yeah, the Jim/Pam stuff has gotten a bit tired. I really hope to see more Darryl now that he's got an office upstairs. Craig Robinson is way too underused in The Office. He was off the hook in Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Pineapple Express.

BTW, you might enjoy my little Office fan film that I made during the writers strike a few years back.

Ed & Jeanne said...

This happened in the 70s with Happy Days. One minute "the Fonz" was a cool side character with mystery...the next he was the show and everything went downhill. TV never learns...