Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sign the petition

The petition reads:

"I am appalled that Discovery Communications -- home of numerous eco-conscious offerings -- has picked up "Sarah Palin's Alaska." Sarah Palin's anti-nature crusade as governor makes her extremely unsuitable to host a show in your lineup. I urge you to cancel the show before it airs."

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Bob said...

We all have the right to speak, to say what we want. If you don't like it, turn the channel. That's how I'll deal with her, by simply not watching.

BadBandPhotos said...

Well, Nobody, that's fair enough. You have a right to change the channel, and Discovery has a right to put on a show about shooting wolves from helicopters and digging for oil in Alaska. But you also have a right to tell Discovery how you feel about it.

Bob said...

I find it funny how badly the haters want to silence her. Then they go on about how dumb she is. In that case, let her talk so everyone will see that she's an idiot. What are you scared of?

Free speech is always just fine, as long as it agrees with your own beliefs, but if someone with a differing point of view wants to get on the air, all the hippies throw a shit fit and go crying to the media to try to silence it.

You haven't even seen the show, and you are already against it. JUST DON'T WATCH.

That's how I handle Discovery putting Oprah on. I can't stand that bitch, so I don't watch her. But I won't go crying to Discovery to try to keep anyone that wants to watch the program from being able to see it. That would be almost like censorship, and that's anti-american. Not that the liberals give a shit about America anymore.

Sorry, this is supposed to be a fun blog, so I'll take my politics back to my own corner of the net. Feel free not to come along, I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings with my anti-socialistic views over there.

Jen said...

If Oprah was shooting wolves from helicopters.. I'd sign a petition to ban that too..

I like wolves

SkylersDad said...

Maybe Sarah could shoot Oprah from a helicopter.

I would buy that on pay-per-view!!

Jen said...

I'd rather see Oprah shoot
Sarah from a helicopter..

I'd pay double..

Now that's entertainment!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to jump her bones in that helicopter while she shoots cyborgs built to resemble Ted Nugent! Cum on DISCOVERY! Give us amerikans what we want!
Noerb {I live near the discovery headquarters!}

Goggles Piasano Ritardo said...

can we make her extinct