Thursday, June 03, 2010

the rainbow

last week I bought a little bag of skittles
they were 40¢
I hadn't had skittle in years...

I ate half the bag
then the next day I ate the other half

the following week
I purchased the big bag

I still have the bag..
I eat a few here and a few there

but what I really want to do
is down the entire bag in one sitting
but that would be like 10-12 million calories
and that would be wrong...

all I want to do is taste that fucking rainbow
cuz it's awesome
it's candy CRACK

here's what you do
you get
1 yellow
1 orange
1 purple
1 green
1 red

eat them all at the same time..
that's the "rainbow" they speak of..
it's epic

sugar nirvana

damn you skittles..
damn you to hell

wait..I love you skittles - I didnt mean it


Bob said...

I can't buy the big bag, cause I eat all of them little fuckers in one sitting.

joe said...

I would say they're more like uppers than crack.. but that's just my opinion..

joe said...

.. or stimulants..

Anonymous said...

I didn't see skittles on the list of drugs on Fee Feesible!?!?!?

Mel said...

good thing i dont like them huh cuz i would either 1. go into a diabetic coma 2. be a target for you or nobody when ya'll run out and i have some.

Suburby said...

What kind of dream world are you living in where Skittles cost 40 cents a pack!?

Jen said...

that's what made it such a magical day
they were on s a l e