Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I left my iced tea on the table
I went into the kitchen for 3 seconds
t h r e e .. s e c o n d s
I came back and the cat was helping herself to
my cold, refreshing beverage.


Sans Pantaloons said...

Good taste obviously runs in the family!

teri said...

sounds like my one cat. they are piggies.

Nobody™ said...

fucking cats..
Ours gets into everything.
And what she doesn't get into, one of the damn dogs does.

Jen said...

yet, we still love them

Annie said...


Just Dave said...

Cats is smart.

faizalnizam said...

i think cat is always that quick. at my home area, there r a lot of wild cats. i just left the door opened for few seconds, and it enters the house running to the kitchen.