Thursday, October 14, 2010


U never hear much about

I've never seen it on my site meter
do they even have the internet there?
yeah... probably not

go huskers!
whatever that means..


Nobody said...

I know for a fact that I once viewed your blog while I was in Nebraska.

I actually lived there from 1982-84. I liked it there.

teri said...

HEY, my birth city is listed. very cool.

they have a lot of soy bean fields so I'm sure everyone is sporting wireless internet and the stats just go into a black hole, right?

Just Dave said...

I have one (1) Facebook friend from Nebraska. Other than that, it is just a place I pass throuhg on my way to exciting South Dakota.

Zed said...

I drove through Nebraska once. All I saw were farmlands and tumbleweed. Or was that Kansas?

rev_witon_tap said...

Greetings from Nebraska! We just got the interwebs!

Jen said...

Hi Nebraska!!!
How the hell are ya?!