Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a conversation

And now
a conversation I had with
with my husband this evening.

HIM: Did you ever find that egg McMuffin?
ME: Nooooo, you didn't find it yet??!?
ME: How do you lose an EggMcFuckingMuffin??
HIM: I dunno
ME: Are you sure it's not in your jacket pocket?
HIM: I'll check again.. no it's not there
ME: If it's in my truck somewhere it's gonna smell
HIM: No it won't - it's cold out
ME: I still don't want and egg McMuffin rotting away in my truck
HIM: It's weird...

the end


AllTheBS said...

If only there were an Egg McMuffin mentioned by Nostradamus, we would have had something to guide us!

Nobody said...


How the fuck DO you lose an egg mcmuffin?

Jen said...

I still have no idea where it is..
he got that two for $3 deal
and he's like
"I'll save this one for later!"

I know he left with it
but it was never seen again

without a McTrace!!

Annie said...

I can see losing a McHash but not a McMuffin!

Zed said...

Nope not easy to lose an Egg McMuffin.

In spring, just follow the path of the ants.