Wednesday, February 23, 2011

help me

Hi Kids,
I'm trying to raise money for
the Providence Animal Rescue League

Help the puppies & kittens!

I have a goal of $1000
so far I've raised $11
so yeah..
I need some help

I'm fundraising until May
so if you don't have money now...
maybe you will next month?
Take your time - give it some thought

You don't hate puppies...? DO YOU?

$5? $10? $20 $1000???

Anything helps



Nobody said...

I really wish I could help this year :(

But maybe by May I won't still be broke. It could happen..

Zed said...

My cats Frankie and Johnny each sent $10, but asked if they could put it on my credit card. I was OK with that, but now that I think about it, I sure hope they pay me back eventually. They're sneaky that way.

teri said...

I liked some of the crazies who donated cents. Like Zed who donated $1.54.


Zed said...

Wait, I didn't donate $1.54. I donated $21.54.

It comes up as +$1.54 over the $20 because the organization that collects for the rescue organization charges them for the service. So rather than take that money away from the animals, I included the extra money.

See, I'm really a much, much better person than you think, Teri. :)

Zed said...

But I'm still a crazie, Teri. You were right about that.

teri said...

Ah, Zed.

I figured since the cats donated $10, each you must have donated the $1.54 for Zed's share. lol.

Zed said...

Ah, I see. I'm rather slow on the uptake of late. It's my lack of sugar intake. I'm blaming everything on that.

F&J are taking credit for the entire donation, but they still haven't paid me back and I think they will be sticking me with the entire amount. That's how they roll. Petty theft. Darn cats!

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