Saturday, December 29, 2007

on sale now

Just so you know...
I was at Walmart today and while I was in line I noticed
these for 50% OFF
so I snapped this pic for you

You too can smell like Shania

or maybe a gift for that special someone who longs to smell like Britney
(I heard the Britney scent smells like Marlboro's, malt liquor & pork rinds)

Hurry.. savings like this won't last.


Teri said...

I actually like Britney's "Curious". It smells good and definitely not like her.

thanks for the tip.

although my dilemma is that I don't shop at Wal-Mart. Can you pick me up some Curious? I'll pay you back, I promise.

Jen said...

Teri - I think "Curious" would be better if it smelled like beer & cigarettes... but I'll send u a few cases anyway..

Mel said...

I have it on good authority that Britney also smells like cheetos.

SkylersDad said...

Shania is a scent I wish I knew first-hand, but I think Brit probably smells like a truckload of spoiled tuna thrown down a San-O-Let.

Micgar said...

Yeah and Shania's makes you wink a lot, write (or just sing other's poorly written, dumb)songs.