Wednesday, December 19, 2007

package in the mail

This package arrived yesterday

from my bestest pal Angela a.k.a 2fools
for my B-Day

so what - it's over a month late
we all slack

I thought I'd share the contents with you
- you're welcome..

You may remember.. Travis puked the last cat grass
but I have a good feeling about this chia cat grass..
this time things will be different.. I can feel it

Noel dog socks..
I understand if you're feeling envious

Adult-Sized Flushable Wipes
Because Ya Never Know..
I hear these are the new hot stocking stuffer item..

Stolen Office Supplies
Never Disappoint
and the fact that they are generic brand post-its
makes me love them more

This is MINE.. you can't have it

These also were probably stolen from the office
or someones desk

That just makes them even more SPECIAL to me

thanks Friend.


Teri said...

2 Fools is the BESTEST friend on the planet.

Lynda said...

What are the chances she pocketed those Charmin wipes while shopping at Walmart?

Mel said...

See, since I didnt steal office supplies and send them to you I am way more of a slacker than she can ever be LOL

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHA OMG! That was so funny! ...and you can all rest assured knowing that not one of the items was stolen... they were ALL stolen.

Happy Festivus.