Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have a new beverage obsession..
It actually replaces my usual coffee run in the morning

Peach Mango to be precise..

it goes like this

Frozen Peaches
Frozen Mangos
1/2 Cup of Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt
Some O.J.
and Ice

Icy Smooth Goodness

Does anyone else have this obsession?

Got any flavor combo suggestions for me?

And don't say Bacon..
I do not want a bacon smoothie


Just Dave said...

It's hard to beat mango. You might try papaya for some variety.

Moderator said...

I hate smoothies. Too messy to clean up. Never have that problem with Jack Daniels.

Anonymous said...

I must try this with my new blender...

Jen said...

you won't regret it teri!

Miss Alex said...

Yummmmmmmm alcohol never hurt anyone...but def chocolate and vanilla icecream coffee smoothie!

p.s. i'm dropping a bomb.

I am no longer Fonzie Sox. I am Foto

Hey things change i know you wont abandon me. :D

Miss Alex said...

"the artist formally known as fonzie sox" LOL

Miss Alex said...

My husband agrees. he said even if you don't like Fonzie everyone else does,... leave it...

it's back damn it LOL

M@ said...

There is no photographic record of me that depicts my person without a beverage.

Coffeypot said...

You mean you don't drink a fifth of Gin before you go to work? How can you stand the stress?

alybeth72 said...

Strawberry/banana smoothies. Fresh or frozen strawberries, bananas, either strawberry OR banana yogurt, a little lo fat milk, and some ice.

My favorite, favorite, favorite.

Tastes really good with some Captain Morgans or Malibu Rum as well! :)

Miss Alex said...

Hey lady how's it hangin. I'm home AGAIN... if you're bored say hi

anne altman said...

hmm. calorie count please?

Jen said...

I'm guessing

not too bad..!