Saturday, June 20, 2009

slack movie review

I just saw - Star Trek

one word

I thought the altered future plot twist
was genius.. a new Star Trek has been born

I'm sure this infuriated a lot of the hard core Trekkies out there
and they were left weeping in their popcorn
But I don't give shit.

J.J. Abrams - BRAVO!

and whoever cast this movie

Chris Pine - as James T. Kirk - Great
Zachary Quinto - as Spock - AWESOME
nobody could have played him better!

Simon Pegg - Scotty - Great

I can't wait for more....!

And To all you Trekkies still crying
booo hooo hoooo hoooooo
.. BUCK UP!!

this has been a casual slack movie review


Lynda said...

I loved it too. I thought it was awesome and a good way to start the franchise all over again.

Just Dave said...

I agree. Great movie. Shatner, eat your heart out.

Annie said...

Can't wait to see it now!!

teri said...

I will be renting this when it hits dvd stage.

I wanted to see it when I first saw the preview and I'm not that big of a fan.

Bob said...

Hate Star Trek, but I did get hooked on The Next Generation when I was in college. But I had no desire to see this film, until you recommended it. Hey, I'd eat dog shit if you told me it was slacktastic.

Anyhow, this movie mysteriously appeared on my laptop Monday, so I watched. It was GREAT! Thanks for recommending it. And I don't know how you managed to make it appear on my laptop, but who am I to ask questions?

Bob said...

(ignore this comment. just subscribing to comments!)

Billigflug Bangkok said...

I loved the movie. I was sceptic before I went there, because he was playing with old heroes, but he did a good job and made me love the new cast. My favourite was Bones. His comments were so typical for him. Even my hard core Star Trek Fan Friend liked the movie and it's hard to satisfy his movie taste.