Tuesday, January 26, 2010

big boy is home

Travis is home where he belongs
he spent the last two nights at
ocean state veterinary specialists
the home of 24 hour care at outrageous prices

Saturday he wasn't feeling good..
lethargic, puking a lot and major diarrhea
**disgusting.. yes I know, but life is disgusting - what can I say**

Saturday night I called the vet they said
if he's not better by Sunday - bring him in

I stayed up all night with him
- he got worse

Sunday we took him in
They did blood work, gave him fluids, x-rays and ultrasound

They think he has severe gastroenteritis & urinary tract infection
they said to watch him for the next 3 days & feed him bland food
if he doesnt get better - back to the vet he goes

He still refuses to eat - but I think he's still getting over the
traumatic experience

thanks to everyone who called, emailed
and left positive vibes on my facebook

I love you all

Glad he's home
Oh yeah.. it cost me $1200
isn't that great!

Look at his GIANT PAW
they had the IV wrap too tight!
They said the swelling would go down in a day or two..


Debbie said...

Glad your baby is home, poor thing hope he gets better soon!!

Just Dave said...

I'm glad he's back home and on the road to recovery. Maybe he will quit eating toilet paper now.

SkylersDad said...

Glad your guy is home and doing better.

Some Guy said...

Poor guy. I hope he feels better, Jen.

D. Prince said...

Awww poor guy. So glad he's home!

Bob said...

$1200 to say his tummy is upset?? I coulda told you that for nothing! How do those bastards sleep at night??

I'm glad he's home, and I hope he gets better. We still have his picture on the fridge so we'll be thinking about him.

Marni said...

SO glad he is home with his mama!!

teri said...

poor Travis. So glad he's home with people that love him. I hope he gets better soon. Just make sure he drinks water and doesn't dehydrate.

Sans Pantaloons said...

Get well soon Travis!

Jen said...

thanks guys
he's doing better

Lynda said...

Poor kitty! I am glad he is feeling better!