Monday, January 11, 2010

profound statement of the day

I didn't think "The Hangover" was funny
not even remotely funny...
I think I laughed once

I said it.


Bob said...

I happened to enjoy it. Twice.

Lynda said...

I wanted to see it a second time. I enjoyed it!

Bob said...

Not only did I enjoy it (twice), I bought it on Blu-Ray.

Jen said...

I didn't loathe this movie..

BUT thought to myself

Why does everybody think
this is funny?

I was expecting hilarity
all I found was disappointment

why does everybody think
it so funny?????

not funny

Bob said...

I felt that way about Napoleon Dynamite. Not at all funny, but to this day I hear people saying how funny it was.

Jen said...

Napoleon Dynamite
now that was funny!

Bob said...

was not. it was a piece of shit.

Jen said...


was toooooo
was toooooooo
was tooo to infinity

Just Dave said...

I watched for 30 minutes then left. Just not my kind of movie. I bear no ill will to those who enjoyed it.