Monday, July 19, 2010


okay.. so two weeks ago
I was on VACA

I was in one of my favorite states
live free... or die that's their motto

we stopped at McDonald's for some McCoffee
We're standing in line and there's this loud, annoying
family in front of us I detected a southern accent
- possibly Kentucky, Indiana?
I dunno..

There was mom, grandma, grandpa, 2 young kids, one baby.

They were yapping the entire time
annoying the shit out of me.. Y'all.. Y'all... Y'all.....

At one point Grandma yells to Grandpa - "What do you want?"
He replies.... " Well I dunno.. what do they got up there?"
(looking at the menu)
Grandma replies -
"The same dang thing that every other McDonald's in the country has."
Grandpa: "They got the same thing?"


my blood boiling..

The McEmployee says "next"
They continue yapping... Y'all.. Y'all... Y'all.....
The McEmployee has to repeat himself two more times before they notice

Finally, they order (it took a lifetime) they step aside .. they wait.

I go to place my McOrder
and grandma steps in front of me and says to the McEmployee
"Can I get some socks?"

He replies, "sure one dollar"

now.. I'm thinking.. Socks? she must have said sauce... they sell sauce for $1.00 here? Hmmm that's strange..
I wonder what kind of sauce it is???

and then it happened
something I had never seen before in my life...
something that McBaffled me...
something that should not have occurred...

the McEployee reaches under the counter

wait for it....

wait for it....

in his hand a
pair of small white McSocks

What just happened?
What did I just witness?
Where am I?

Did this person just cut in front of me
and order a pair of socks at McDonald's?

What the hell is going on here???
What else is for sale under that counter??????
Why aren't they on the menu?

She just ordered a pair of fucking McSocks at McDonald's...

Is it me? Am I out of the loop?


SkylersDad said...

That is insane!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Socks, they're what's for dinner.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

WTF? I can see you getting socks in hillbilly states where you associate socks with fine dining. I know if I ask for them here in Canada I will be wearing a toy on my food. That is just bizarre.

Marni said...

Wow... wonder if they have them for the kids that play in the play area... so they don't get the Mcgross shit that is laying at the bottom of the Mcball pit. Hmmmmm....

Verification word? agiver... yep... dats me!

Anonymous said...

Get the fucking McSocks....get yer trusty roll of McQuarters (I know you carry them in yer fucking McPurse don't lie!) Put the McQuarters in the McSocks and pummle the MCSHIT outta those bastard southerns! You should'nt be in McVomits anyway but that's not my McBuisness now is it???....McNoerb, below the Mason Dixon Line!

teri said...

I had NO idea, either. Strange!

Just Dave said...

Ho, hum, so what else is new? You should try the McFuckmeShoes.

Suburby said...

Young people, please!

The socks are for kids who want to play in the McPlay Zone and aren't wearing socks of their own. McDonalds Play Zones are all "socks required" environments. They sell them to parents so their kids won't have a meltdown when they are told by the McDude that they can't play because they aren't wearing socks.

Just file that little piece of info away until you have kids. You'll thank me later.

Cody T said...

Whoa. What's with all the southern jokes? Like everyone in the south is automatically a retarded hillbilly? I've lived in Arkansas (the most stereotyped redneck state) most of my life then moved to California. They have white trash there too. Just as trashy if not worse. The only difference is that they think they're better because they eat at In-N-Out burger when their welfare check comes in the mail. STOP THIS STUPID FUCKING STEREOTYPE!!!

The sock thing is crazy though. I had no idea.

Jen said...

Dear Cody,
WOW! A little touchy??

All I said was I detected
a southern accent
and I heard Y'all a lot

they made themselves look like
retarded hillbillies

I just documented it

Cody "Motha Fuckin" T said...

Yeah. My bad. I've just been seeing a lot of shit talking about the south lately. We're not all trash. Like me for example, I'm a very talented rapper, love east coast hip-hop, and despise country music(and lil wayne) with a passion.

Jen said...


we cool


Ed & Jeanne said...

Didn't socks replace those wakeboard hashbrown thingys they sold at breakfast? I think the socks are healthier and cost less...

Joe said...

Ahhh...the jen's been sooooo long!