Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Just a Rant

I wrote a letter to Olive Garden...
Just for the record -
I don't like eating at chain
Most chain restaurants in my opinion -suck.
with that being said...
Last week we went to "Olive Garden" with some friends

The waiter
brings me my drink & places the straw on the table

The straw was in a non- biodegradable plastic wrapper
What the Hell?? This bothered me.
It's bad enough that the straws are non- biodegradable
There is so much waste in the world!
I just picture the landfill with tons & tons of plastic wrappers
blowing all around... it's sad

Not to mention it's made from OIL
another item made from petroleum that doesn't need to be!
reinforcing America's oil addiction
It could be made from recyclable paper!

This seems small doesn't it... You're thinking...It's just a straw wrapper
But it's happening everywhere not just with straws
- it all adds up.

I complained at dinner to my friends
Everyone ignored me as usual - unbelievable, I know!

The next day I went to their website
and complained - Imagine That!

And here is the letter I received back from them:

Olive Garden Reply #34721
Dear Jen:

Thank you for expressing your concerns about Olive Garden and allowing us an
opportunity to respond.

We did not use wrapped straws in our locations. After investigating the health
and safety standards in each state, we decided to consistently use a wrapped
straw. We appreciate your concern for the environment. In any event, your
comments will be shared with the general manager at our Warwick restaurant, as
well as our purchasing representatives.

We hope this helps you to understand a little more about our business decision.
Again, thank you for contacting us with your comments. We find it a compliment
that you care enough to share your feedback.

Olive Garden Guest Relations

Yeah, like they give a shit...
Thanks for all your help Andy.

I'm never going back. Not just beacuse of the straws,
the food wasn't too good either.

I'm still glad I wrote the letter...
I know most people can't be bothered.
That's far too much trouble for busy important people.

And that's why our world
is turning into a giant dumpster.

The moral to my rant?

Do Something!
If more people did something then maybe
there would be better results.
Even the smallest things can make a difference.

I'm done ranting now.

Any thoughts?


Your Girl Friday said...


I am known around my apartment building as the recycling nazi.
Everybody knows that I will yell at them if I see them throwing out recyclables! I put a list of things that can be recycled on the front of the bin, a bit anal I know, but some people are just so dumb.

I also HATE plastic bags - but haven't found an environmentaly friendly way to line my garbage bin yet!

Teri said...

I think because it's such a small thing in everyone else's eyes, including my own, that people really don't think about it or think it's important.

I think we need folks like you and your girl friday to see the finer details that we are missing.

EJL said...

Welcome back Jen!

Last time I went to Olive Garden, we had a high waitress that told us that her boyfriend was soo soo old (29), which is my age,hmf! Then she told us that she likes it when he says... I want to eat your...ummm that's enough said. We almost died, but had to cover our children's ears before she said anymore!!!

As for the straw thing, I used to work in a restaraunt that didn't use covered straws.. they would fall all over the counter and floor and people would just pic them up and put em in the drinks, or put them in their aprons with ciggies and what ever. It really is a health issue. But you can do what I do... because I have a toddler, I bring bendy straws with us because they are more fun for him...we use them too! Walmart $1.97!!

jali said...

Keep speaking up! (deleted the rest since it sounded to rah-rah earth)

Jen said...

The waitress said that??

I don't mind if the
straws are wrapped
but they should be in
PAPER wrappers~

EJL said...

She did! She also made a comment about my busty cleavage...!!! Hubby was like, Back up that's mine!

Straws..gotcha now! Maybe all your readers should send in letters and see what we all get back!!! You know and army to make change

Jen said...

I agree
why can't there be environmentaly friendly way to line my garbage bin!

I hate plastic bags...
I always try to use paper at the supermarket

And at other stores I try to cram everything in one so I don't use a lot of bags - I hate when they put one item in each bag!!!