Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Top search queries

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1. firetrucks
2. gabalot high phone calls
3. entemins
4. captain crazy
5. sierra mist caffeine
6. hugo man of a thousand faces
7. happy bertday
8. small dick
9. fonzie socks
10. fireman
11. willy waterbug
12. clamato chips
13. costanza slack
14. casual fall fashion
15. hugo man of 1000 faces
16. mondays sucks
17. robot chicken swedish chef
18. swedish chef robot chicken
19. bear gyrills
20. linda november galaxy glue theme song


Ed & Jeanne said...

WTF? Them are some weird queries! Hey...how do you check this (I'm very low tech)?

LJP said...

gabalot high phone calls??!?!
and what's with the robot chicken?

I also wanted to know how you check this?

Anonymous said...

Robot Chicken is one of my favorite shows! I do luv Harvey Birdman....ATHF....Robot Chicken does things to people I hate so it rules!