Thursday, May 01, 2008

a conversation

A conversation that took place
between a co-worker and myself
this morning...

Co - Worker - "I just hit a Guatemalan"

Me - "With your car or your fist?"

Co - Worker - "My car"

Me - "Did it leave a mark?"

Co - Worker - "No"

Me - "Well.. that's good"

Co - Worker - "Yeah" *then she walks off*

Me - "Okay then, bye"

the end


SkylersDad said...

Boy is that ever weird...
The person didn't seem concerned?

Jen said...

I found out later...
he was in a car
and he said it was no problem

and on this day...
guatemalans and italians
continue to live in peace


Teri said...

you work with some STRANGE people!

Ed & Jeanne said...

That's really did she know they were Guatemalan? Did they have one of those big conference sticker that said "Hi. I'm Bob form Guatemala"?

Anonymous said...

"how did she know they were Guatemalan?"

--Well, if you have a lot of goldfish in your tank you can spot goldfish. Oh my gosh...was that fishist? Am I a fishist?

M@ said...

It was SOME kind of Southie on account of the funky flag hanging from the rear view mirror with the statue of Mary glued to the dash board.

My latest thing is to blast mariachi music while I'm cruising. :)

Trukindog said... that anything like a Honeydew or Cantalope ? heh heh heh

Moderator said...

Were any of the fruits bruised when they fell off the Guatemalan's head?