Monday, May 05, 2008


Do Me A Favor Kids
Vote for my Pal Angela (A.K.A 2Fools)
Her Daughter Mia
is in this contest
"Baby Idol"
on a local radio station
go here


Lynda said...

Aw, she's cute!

I voted!

Teri said...

I voted, even though Angela has not been seen around here in awhile and I miss her humor.

mixednut said...

I voted. Angela rocks! Cute baby.

2 fools said...

Aww thank you guys so much. I miss you guys. I have not been around because our firm is acquiring new lawyers (as most of you may have read in the paper, a big firm in Prov. has closed - and they're coming here) So, we've been totally swamped. But I'm trickling back in! I am! I am! Thank you guys for voting. :) I appreciate it!