Monday, August 04, 2008

movie review

The Dark Knight
Loved it..
it ranks up there with the best superhero movies of all time
All the previous Batman Movies pale in comparison
I never liked any of them

I was never a huge batman fan
I mean - the guy has a tool belt.. that's about it

But Christian Bale gave new life to
this character as far as I'm concerned

both make me forget all about that trash batman movies
that came before them

Comparing Nicholson to Ledger -is a "JOKE"

Ledger ruled the screen - outstanding performance
it made me sad to think it's the last we will see of him

Aaron Eckhart - "Harvey Dent" - in my opinion cast perfectly -
I have always liked Eckhart - he's just a likable actor
I think he would be a great "Captain America" - if they ever make the movie

Gary Oldman - "Gordon"- love Oldman he masters any role

Michael Caine -"Alfred" - cast perfectly

Morgan Freeman - "Lucius Fox" - I just wish he had more screen time
You know my love of Mr. Freeman..
he could play ALL the characters and I'd be cool with that

Maggie Gyllenhaal - "Rachel Dawes" - I liked her - and I didn't miss
Mrs. Crazy Holmes - not one bit!

This move doesn't disappoint - you should check it out

*this has been a slack movie review

according to
Batman 3
"Batman producers are convinced that, "The role of The Riddler
is perfect for Depp. And what better Penguin is there than
Philip Seymour Hoffman?"a source said. This right on the rumor
heels of Angelina Jolie as Catwoman!"

"Unnamed sources" usually means that the following bit of
news is just rumor mongering, but several insiders are saying
that producers of the Bat-franchise have their sights set on
Johnny Depp to take the role of Riddler in the next sequel.

Depp as the riddler - would kick ass


Brad said...

oh you are so right. this movie was incredible.. and my friend and I were saying how PSH would make a perfect penguin!

Anonymous said...

Excellent review. I love Christian Bale as the Batman and Heath was fabulous as well.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and Johnny Depp? meow. I would love to see him as that character.

Anonymous said...

gary oldman does not get enough credit for the talent he possesses.