Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Sandy Allen
died today
she was 53

"World's Tallest Woman"
full story


Micgar said...

I remember her! She came to the restaurant I was waiting tables at-(she had come in to ABQ for some kind of Circus-like event)and you know what?! She fell while walking to her table(?) can't remember-but I was thinking "oh great! the Tallest woman comes to town and she breaks a leg at our dumb restaurant-i can hear it on the news!" but no, she was ok-she just caught her foot on something -a tile and she wasn't hurt thank goodness!

Dr Zibbs said...

That Micgar comment cracks me up! I heard she looked down after dinner and the thing that she tripped on was still stuck to her foot. It was a Ford Pinto.

Micgar said...

Zibbs-you crazy man!

Anonymous said...

What a way to go through life! I've always felt very sad for her, seen as a freak. If she was a man, she might be a multi-millionaire playing in the NBA, even as a reserve.

I saw a man in the grocery store last night that made me ill. Due to smoking (I think) he had NO nose at all and his eyes were all bulged out. It was horrific looking. To top it off, he was hacking as well. He had a bad cover over his face, but still..

Moral of the thankful for what cards God has dealt ya! Life's a vapor.

SkylersDad said...

Wow, over 6 foot at 10 years old! That had to really suck!