Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I hate his name

"Dick Van Patten"
is 80 today

I just thought
everybody should know

on a side note:
is that not the worst name ever?


Joe said...

He makes a good dog food believe it or not!

Evidently 8 isn't Enough...he also digs dogs.

Speaking of animals...what is w/t turkey action Jen? I mean, if your hubby drove a p/u with a rack he'd be in heaven.

Imagine the phone call...
"Yo buck...ya gotta get yur ash over here doood...turkeys evereee whar...it's a sue-na-may of burds!"

You live in a little house in the woods?

Miss Alex said...

That's a pretty bad tan though...

Anonymous said...

Dick van Dyke is worse