Friday, December 19, 2008

I miss...

Does anyone remember
Trident fruit-flavored gum?
It came in an orange package,
and the gum was light orange in hue.
The flavor was similar to Juicy Fruit

It was my favorite gum...
but it was discontinued
of course!

I miss it
Just Sayin'


alybeth72 said...

i LOVED that gum!!! Did they stop making it?!?! That'll be put on my list of things that they stopped making that I love...
1) Andy Capp PUB Fries... not the hot fries or cheese fries, just PUB fries
2) Good N Fruity candies.... the original.. they remade them with this gross inside... not the licorice inside of the past....
3) and now, this gum~!

Jen said...

I remember PUB Fries!
They got rid of them?


Dunkin Donuts got rid of the chocolate chip bagel
years ago..
I'm still sad about it

Why do they stop making
we love?!?!? WHY!!!!!!!???

Micgar said...

I too loved that gum! It was delicious! And I remember it smelled good too!

j.k.a said...

We still have fruit flavoured Trident in Canada, I chew it all the time! They even have fancy pina coloda trident here now...:I could send you some if you'd like :)

Jen said...

jka- I think it's more tropical
now - they had to go and make it all fancy! not the same =(