Thursday, December 04, 2008

link of the day

I dig this site!
Check it...

See How Your State Rates - Here


lawrence said...

and we dig your blog! make sure to add casual slack to our blog directory:

Anonymous said...

Of course RI has the Nordic Lodge some where in there all you can eat lobster and beef tenderloins plus an huge buffet make it an experiance you must do once in your life at least...I wonder if it's still in existance?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that I went and voted for my state! Sorry, Jen. I've never been to RI and I didn't vote for ya!

Jen said...

I gave my state 2 stars!

Don't forget to rate me
on the side bar --->
way down on the right

M@ said...

Massage parlors, too! Wow.

Jen said...

noerb- Nordic Lodge
still there!

I've never been

Micgar said...

I liked the site although the ratings of my state sucked! Some of them were from racist bozos!

Oh well, I liked all the other rating categories!

I'm gonna rate your blog right now!