Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I'm at Tim Horton's
Drinking coffee with my husband..

We look out the window and see a firetruck com tear assin'
up the street.. sirens blarin' horns honkin

I make a remark..
"Must be out of chili and headed to the supermarket"

we laugh

we drink our coffee

we leave

as I walk to the car
I look up the street and there I see the firetruck parked
at the Bakery
and two fireman - all dressed up with their fire coats
and fire helmets

come struttin' out with 4 boxes of pastry
they get back in the firetruck

Lights On - and Away they go...

my tax dollars hard at work

Hurray for the heroes!



Bob said...

They were doing their duty to serve.

The police department ran out of pastries..

teri said...

OMG, too much. I love when the heroes use the rules to their advantage but give us tickets for doing something illegal.

Miss Alex said...

hhahahahaha FUCKING LOVE your stories... tell me another one!