Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my own Marine Park

After seeing the movie Jaws 3 in 1983
I immediately decided that I wanted to someday own
my own Marine Park..

I built a small scale model of my plans
using cardboard and magic markers..

as you can see - it never panned out for me
due to a lack of financial funding


teri said...

and the fact that the shark kept eating everyone...

did you plan to have the employees using 3D glasses while on duty?

Anonymous said...

But you did post that You Tube vid. of that Russian Dude Warbling!
By doing this you have fullfilled my life's dreams and brought me to a new level of consciencness, sp?uplifting my very being to a new level of enlightenment! So you have done your life's work as far as I'm concerned! You should be proud! NOERB!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

okay I feel better now..