Monday, April 24, 2006

50 Worst Things - Music

The 50 Worst Things
to Happen to Music

According to Blender Magazine

Kevin Federline is #12 -
It's sad that he's rich...

It infuriates me.
I mean, Just look at this CLOWN! He's probably sitting by a pool right now, sipping a margarita AND I have to go to work everyday?!?!...
Life is so very unfair. *sigh*


lauren said...

I wandered over here from "You Drunk As Hell"....

KFed isn't rich, Britney is. She keeps him on a short enough leash that he doesn't actually have any income potential for himself.

Anonymous said...

He still gets to reap the benefits.
So he basically is rich.
And When (not if) they get divorced
Kfed gonna get a big chunk o' cash!

Penguin Trauma said...

We have the same problem here across the Big Pond!!! Too many rich people who haven't actually earned their money.

Like; Chantelle - Britain's equivalent of Paris Hilton. She is rich. For no reason or talent whatsoever.

PS: on that note, please take Paris Hilton back! We don't want her here!!!