Friday, April 28, 2006

3 Ways I Annoy My Co-Workers

3 Ways I Annoy My Co-Workers On A Daily Basis

1. RECYCLING - I actually take home paper from
the office to recycle it
I have boxes all around the office. If someone throws paper in the
trash or trash in the paper box I go on a Tirade!
I mean, How hard is it People?? Put the paper in the box!

And No-that's okay I enjoy Picking spit-filled Big Red gum and
dirty kleenex out of the PAPER ONLY BOX.. Thanks!!
This annoys everyone... and I don't care.

2. I WANT TO GO HOME - Throughout the entire day I make statements like:
"I wanna go home.", "I wish it was time to go home.", "8 more hours.",
"I want to leave now.", "God, I hate working."
I know this annoys the shit out of everyone.
But I can't help it. I've tried to not say it, but it's like tourettes,
it just comes out!

- I have this nasty habit of deleting
very important emails. It just happens.
You know how it is, you start hitting that delete button
on the email and you just keep clicking it and it cleans out the 'in box'.
Sometimes you just can't stop.
This upsets people... I guess I can't blame them.


Annie said...

You THINK you delete emails, but most of the time you just panic and it is there hidden in your vast ARCHIVES of saved junk of all kinds... The real annoying thing is when you keep saying "It's not here, I think I deleted it... It's gone, I don't have it, I'm sorry, I lost it... Oh wait here it is!

Anonymous said...

You also have a bad habit of (or you used to) throwing away postal mail ) Remember the pension check?

Jen said...

I lack organizational skills...

It's a sickness.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

But are there three ways that your co-workers annoy you? That might prove to be an interesting post indeed.

Jen said...

Here's one way they annoy me...
Click Me