Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Episode Tonight

New Episode
Of The Office Tonight!

When Dwight finds half a joint in the
Dunder Mifflin parking lot, he puts
on his Volunteer Sheriff's uniform
and launches a full investigation



Annie said...

Not a funny show. Sorry :( Bring back Seinfeld and then we'll talk

Jen said...

Not a funny show??
Huh? What??


Apparently You
just don't know
what GOOD is.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jen
But reality shows take priority

Jen said...

Use Your TIVO
This Is Important Dammit...

Joe said...

I will watch cause of your posts on The Office. Didn't grab me at first, but I'll hang in there. I don't work in an "Office" like you seem to based on your photos...and frequent job blues posts and love for the movie Office Space.

Two friends work at JPL here in Calif...big aerospace company. They both LOVE Office Space...favorite movie. I'm sure they are big fans of The Office.

Seinfeld? Loved it...but like Law & Order, when you saturate the market with gets Some episodes still hold up.

Jim said...

The Office is fun, but the original British version is absolutley brilliant! Go rent it! HILARIOUS!!!!!!

Friends don't let friends watch Reality Television.