Monday, April 24, 2006

another coffee story...

The other night I went to
Tim Hortons for Coffee.
The woman working
behind the counter
was about 900 years old and
she moved in slow motion.

And when I say slow motion I mean REVERSE.
Talk about painful.

First I order my coffee... she disappears behind the coffee machine...
it took DAYS
As she makes my coffee she goes into to this convulsing death cough episode..
You know... the vibrating, echoing, my lungs are bleeding type cough...
So the entire cough episode Im thinking to myself:

*please don't be coughing right in my coffee*
*please don't be coughing right in my coffee*
*please don't be coughing right in my coffee*

Then my husband orders his. (after repeating it 3 times)
She does the same thing... disappears, coughs, etc.

Now it's time to pay
I hand her my credit card... We had no cash on us (OF COURSE NOT!)

First she looks at the card, then pushes some buttons,
then looks at the card again, then swipes the card, then looks
at the screen, then pushes more buttons, then swipes the card again,
then looks at the screen, pushes a few more buttons
mumbles something to herself. Swipes the card one more time,
Pushes some buttons. (JUST KEEP PUSHING them BUTTONS!)

(my thoughts)

I felt like I was on one of those hidden camera shows...

I glanced to my right and could see one of the kids that works there
standing to the side with a huge smile on his face,
apparently he found this humorous... That's nice.

She pushes more buttons...Swipes the card, again....
Ladies and gentlemen we have a transaction!


The ice in my iced coffee was melted.

W T F !!!

*Not as good as the first Tim Hortons Story - But a story none the less.
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Tim Hortons


Joey Lawler said...

Dude, that is hillarious. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Jen Jen..

Why dont you just go to the Happiest Place on earth? Dunkin
Donuts always greets me with a smile and a delicous Iced Coffee
They even start making it for me
when they see me pull up in the
parking lot so I dont have to wait.

Jen said...

I do go to Dunkin Donuts too...
But I like Variety!
Tim Hortons has some good coffee!

Anonymous said...

And U dont have to wait in a mile long line at Tim Hortons

Jen said...

That's right!

Anonymous said...

I'm a fancy man, fancy men don't wait in lines at Dunkin DOnuts. I show up and all the midwest rubes step aside and say "Go ahead sir" and I walk right up and get my coffee.

Anonymous said...

Paul from the wonder years is considered a "fancy man" in the mid west?

Jen said...

Poor artists on the east coast
have no choice but to wait in line.
It's sad.

Do they give it to you for free because your fancy?

They should.