Wednesday, December 05, 2007


How TV's 'Rudolph' was saved
full story here

See how they restored them - here

I wish they would come to my neck of the woods
but no... they're going to Chicago next
what's so friggin great about Chicago???

It's like 10 below AND Their Pizza SUCKs..

I think when / if I ever see them in person
I'll actually tear up...

I might try to steal them, then I'll get arrested
maybe it's better they aren't coming here...

*here's last years tribute post to
Rankin Bass


Micgar said...

Ha! My son just pulled out his DVD of RTRNR just a little bit ago! He loves it! (We do too!)As a kid, that was one of my favorite things is to watch that around this time!
Great story!

Moderator said...

Hey - at least there isn't a Dunkin Donuts every 10 feet in Chicago.

Lynda said...

Prison wouldn't be good for you. They don't even let you blog, unless you are important, like that character Dick Small.