Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I chose not to yearbook myself
but I encourage you to..

so I can laugh

Jen @ Casual Slack


Anonymous said...

Jen, pretty soon you will have to come out of the closet. You can't hide behind us all your life.

Bob said...

I did it, but I'm not sharing until Jen does it.

Micgar said...

Jen that was frickin' fun and hilarious! Thanks! I just could not get the dang thing to save though!

Dr Zibbs said...

Yet another thing to waste hours on.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get mine to save either, so I can't share the craziness. It was hysterical, though!

Jen said...

You need to take
a screen shot
to save the pics


alybeth72 said...

That was without a doubt, the funniest 10 minutes I have ever spent in my friggen life.

The sad thing is that I think I have pictures of myself that are identical to all the 80s and 90s that came up. I had the exact hairstyle at every point in my life that the yearbook gave me.

Too funny!

M@ said...

Half the men in my class had mullets.