Friday, October 10, 2008

I cried today

A Tribute to the KING

About 5 years ago
A guy named "Robert" took a salesman
position where I work

I asked if he minded if I called him

He said "yes, I hate that's Robert"
so of course I continued to call him Bert
eventually the entire office did
nobody EVER called him Robert again

He was also referred to as "the king"
because he always got his way..

Other Nicknames He Earned Through The Years

"Sweet Cakes"
"Bertum Van Schultz"

"The Canadian King"

Bert's Favorite Sayings:
• "what are you talking a boot"
• "cool your porridge"
• "Oh my soul!"
• "WELL DARLIN' that's the way it is"
• Along with many other unintelligible phrases
(he's a bit of a mumbler)

Bert's last day was today
He had to quit
because he can't afford to live in this shitty state anymore
when he eventually sells his house he's headed to PA.

I've seen so many people come and go over the years
so many that I've lost count
but Bert... Bert was special and I will never forget him

There will never be another Bert

He made me laugh
He will be missed
Work will never be the same

He will always be the King

He liked his card...

Bert's Cake
"So Long... Live the King"

The King Has Left the Building


Anonymous said...

OMG, how very sad. How is Rhode Island an "expensive state to live in"?

Where will he live in PA? If he's close I could stalk him for ya?

Let me know. : )

Jen said...

real estate here
is ridiculous..
property taxes are ridiculous..

it Sucks

I would love it
if you stalked him
for me!


Dr Zibbs said...

I will begin stalking him once he enters state lines.

The Wife O Riley said...

That really sucks! It is so hard to find some one to pull you from the hell that is the work day, even if it's for a few minutes.

Micgar said...

too bad-sounds like he is a cool guy and made the work day more fun!

Zibbs'l keep close watch over him. He's in good hands.

Joe said...

I'm really glad you had a Bert in your life...

Hmmm, the name of your next kitty will be?

M@ said...

That's such an old man's name. Like Persey.