Tuesday, October 14, 2008

just some pics

Just some weekend pics

Scituate Art Festival
Scituate, RI
October 12, 2008

nice leaves

Beer Bottle Art - I wanted one... but didn't get one.

I love me some Del's Frozen Lemonade

$6.00 for a Bag of popcorn
I never had Kettle Corn before - It was goooood

They played a mean Polka


Dr Zibbs said...

I love those Polka bands. Whenever I cook a really German meal I love putting on German music.

Anonymous said...

that lemonade is making my mouth water....

LYDIA said...

I love Kettle Korn! Oh so good! Great graveyard picture - I have a thing with cemetery. If you can keep a secret, my bridal pictures were done in a really old cemetery.... and I chose the location! Yeah, I know...that's kinda creepy.

LYDIA said...

I have a thing with cemeteries...not just cemetery. lol.