Monday, October 20, 2008

just sayin'

Anyone who watched the SOX game on
Saturday night knows...
Technical difficulties prevented TBS from showing the
first 20 minutes or so of Game 6 of the ALCS
instead replacing it with a rerun of
"The Steve Harvey Show"

I had never seen the Steve Harvey Show.

can I just say - that this was the most agonizing
20 minutes of my life
watching this show was like TORTURE

I frantically called the cable company FIVE times
and all I got was a busy signal... - of course!

Has anyone seen this show?

It's Pure Crap.
The writers should be ashamed of themselves
and the actors... well acting just isn't their thing

Just Sayin'


cube said...

I missed the first part of Game 6. Lucky me, huh?

Just Dave said...

I have watched a short part of one episode of the Steve harvey Show. The only reason I watched that much is because I couldn't find the remote fast enough. Pure crap is correct. This show is part of TV world's arrogance that black people will watch black shows, no matter how mindless.