Tuesday, August 08, 2006

8 Important Lessons Learned from '80s Cartoons
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Teri said...

Jen, your link doesn't work for me. it's either the link of my stupid computer.

BTW, I just saw that you asked me what's the name of my cats which I've answered over on my site.

Jen said...

Maybe it's just slow
I just tried it and it worked.

try cutting and pasting:


Grant Miller said...

He-man was the last cartoon I watched as a kid. What does this mean?

Jen said...

It means you're old

Jim said...

You beat me to it!!!!

Ellie said...

All I know is
#1 Shira the princess of power was one hot bitch!
#2 I had all the Jems barbie dolls
#3 I had the radio transformer, which made me the cool kid in the class
#4 I HATED the Ninga turtles..they lived in the sewers, had names I couldn't remember and my brother was soo soo into them. (he is gay now by the way)
#5 GIJOE was way too violent for me.
#6 , I learned later in life why the smurfs were so happy living in colorful mushrooms.

Ritardo said...
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Ritardo said...

what i learned was poor studio budget=poor animation and even poorer story line.

Lynda said...

I think I watched almost all those cartoons.