Wednesday, August 09, 2006

it's all about the lime

These Kick Ass

I'm not a big drinker at all.
But sometimes on the weekend I reach for
an alcoholic beverage

I've recently discovered Mike's Hard Lime

In my opinion the "Lime" is never given enough credit
it's always all about the "Lemon"

Lemon this and Lemon that...
don't get me wrong.. I'm a fan of the lemon

It's just that I think Lime deserves more.
Sure there's Key Lime Pie... and everyone puts Lime in their Corona
But that's it!!

And this is why I need to bring Mike's Hard Lime
to your attention.

So go buy some - it's slack approved.

*Lime is a strange word
If you keep saying it over and over it doesn't seem
like a word anymore
try it.. and no I haven't been drinking.


Your Girl Friday said...

Is it a vodka mix??

Cos we have these RTD Smirnoff Lime vodka twists that are so so so freakin good!

I agree about the lime.

Zed said...

I'm a big fan of key lime pie, but I'm not so sure whether I'd like lime as a drink. If I can find this though, I'll give it a try.

Because you said so, Jen. :)

Ellie said...

Mike's is so yummy!!!

I love Lime with my liquor!

Jen said...

Your Girl Friday -
It's a "Malt Beverage" so I guess
that makes it a beer...

Australia needs to get
a shipment of this stuff!