Monday, August 14, 2006

Day Trip

We went to Plimoth Plantation
In Plymouth, Massachusetts

You've heard of the Pilgrims... Right?
English Separatists who
broke away from the Church of England...

Stay with me now...

1620 Settled in Plymouth... Is this ringing a bell?

Mayflower? Thanksgiving?

Okay Anyway

We went there to see
How shitty life really was
in the 17th Century

They have costumed role players everywhere
and you can walk around a
farming town built by English colonists

Here Are Some Pics

Here we have Ye Rooster...

Half Naked Indian Man Making Shell Necklace

Nice View

Ye Stack of Wood

This lady was actually eating some nasty smelling
fish & corn mashed up with flies walking all over it.
I understand not wanting to break character
but jesus christ! Just pretend to eat it!
I don't think anyone would mind
She must have an iron stomach...

Ye House
I bet I would have some extra special night terros
if I had to sleep in that bed...

And that's my weekend


Anonymous said...

We have something similar here (Victoria, Australia) called Kryal Castle. Its much, much worse than your encounter with the pilgrims believe me. It lost a lot of money in the eighties and now its run by a rogue family - their children pretend to do mock lashings and hangings (I think the parents hang out in the tavern as the town drunks). I can walk out of there and be truly thankful that I will never go back.

dawn said...

My family went to Plimoth several years ago. It was a great way to teach the kids to appreciate what they have now. I am also a decendant of one of the families that came over on the Mayflower, which made the experience interesting.

Anonymous said...

That 'half-naked Indian man' job seems really embarrassing. How odd for a 17th century Native American to have a body built by eating doritos and playing video games, and I'm sure spending the day at the mall (with dad's money, of course).

Grant Miller said...

I'm quite glad thou posted this on thou's blog. There should be more stuff on 17th Century life in ye olde blogosphere.

Lynda said...

At least you didn't have to eat it. lol.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I might have to check this out. Next month I'm flying to Boston to visit a friend. I've never been there, so I'm trying to figure out things to do, and I tend to like history. Does anyone really care? Did they come to YOUR blog to hear about MY interests? I'll just shut the hell up now.

I'm looking forward to the half naked Indian Man.

Jen said...

Sheila - it looks pretty bad lol
I just checked out the link

Dawn - It's definitely a great way to make you appreciate how good we have it now.. more people should take their kids.. and I think the kids should be forced to eat that fish & corn medley...hahaa!

Dick - Didn't you use to work there as half naked indian guy??

Grant Miller- I agree MORE 17th Century POSTS!!

Lynda- It smelled so bad..
I would have threw up.

Amy - I care!
you should check it out
It's interesting. Fun to walk around.
It's worth it just for half naked Indian guy!

Anonymous said...

No, Jen, that was DAVID HASSELHOFF. Remember?? I used to LOOK like him?? I never had a low job like that. I started pretty high.

Lorraine said...

Love the photos...I want to comment on every post, but I resist :)

Jen said...

Lorraine - Never resist!
I dig comments