Monday, August 07, 2006

Travis is Just Too Cool.

Full Name:
Travis J.
The J Stands for "Jay"


Anonymous said...

Now that is one awesome cat. Cool definitely.

kim said...

Poor jerry

Jen said...


Zed said...

He's adorable!

Teri said...

How did Travis J. come by his name?

Jen said...

Travis just popped in my head when we got him. He came from the animal shelter. We just went there to "look" and there he was, in his cage shredding newspaper like a little madman.

I went over to his cage and he starting meowing to me & sticking his little paw through the door.

My husband took one look and said
he's CRAZY.. why don't you go look at those other ones.. they look quiet. I loved him immediately..

I went to walk away
and he starting crying really loud
and had both paws reaching out through the cage.

I went back over to him
and told my husband to go to the
ATM because we didn't have cash on us.

There were a lot of people looking at kittens. So I kept one finger on his paw and everytime someone said oh he's cute.. I said this ones taken!

He was the cutest kitten ever.
I'll have to post a kitten pic!

the "J" standing for "Jay"

Is from the Simpsons
"Homer J"

My husband gave him that title
He's just Travis to me..

Lynda said...

LOL. I was wondering if the J was from the Simpsons.

Anonymous said...

Poor poor Jerry!!

Jerry can come live with me

kim said...

I forgot to leave name above

Jerry is cute too

Annie said...

bad ass travis.

Teri said...

thanks for the story Jen. I like hearing how people acquired their pets or husbands, either one.

I wonder if the personality of the pet reflects the personality of the owner.....hmmmmm.

Jen said...

Kim- Trust me you don't want Jerry
He's unpleasant

Lorraine said...

Check out the Paw, LOVE IT ;)