Monday, August 07, 2006

it smells

See this box.
It looks harmless - but it's not

Words can't express to you my loathing for
Zatarains Jumbalaya

At least once a week my husband subjects me to the stink of
Zatarains Jumbalaya
He just LOVES it AND he thinks it smells good
(sick bastard)

It REEKS - The entire house stinks when he makes it
The smell sticks to your clothes
It doesnt go away for at least 2 days

I open all of the windows, I light candles

My house smells like a back alley behind
a dumpster from a soup kitchen
deep in the bowels of New Orleans

It makes my stomach churn...
I lose my appetite when he makes it

One night I had left a "just washed" sweatshirt
on a chair in the room next to the kitchen
he made this crap for dinner...
the next day I grab my sweatshirt
toss it in my truck and as I'm driving to work
I noticed this stench...
I look around puzzled - I grab my sweatshirt

I can't wear this now - I'll smell like spicy rice!
The people at work will talk...!

I curse you New Orleans!!
I curse you and your stupid fucking spicy rice!!


kim said...

Tim has to put up with you violent tendencies while he is sleeping....Yet you can not put up with some stinky rice...Poor Tim...HA!!

Jen said...

oh I do put up with it!
I suffer!!

Jen said...

poor jen!

Anonymous said...

I've never had this stuff, but you make it sound so appealing I'm just dying to run to the store after I leave this comment and buy some.

I've missed the slack, Jen! Hopefully I'll have computers set up in my new place soon. I hope you haven't forgotten about me.

Zed said...

You're right Jen, that rice is absolutely awful smelling! It stinks in its own unique way and I just hate it. Yuck!! (I can't even walk up the rice aisle in the supermarket it stinks so much.)

Frankie & Johnny lie around looking sad when a neighbor at the far end of the hall makes it. They actually begin to look suicidal. Poor babies!

Jen said...

Amy- How could I forget you??
I miss your comments!
Set up your computers - hurry
go.. now... what are you waiting for Go!

Zed - hilarious hahaha
poor Frankie & Johnny
I feel their pain!
When are you gonna post a pic of
Frankie & Johnny??? I'm waiting.


Teri said...

Yes, don't make the SLACK wait ladies, it could get ugly.

can I say that I like this stuff and I've never noticed a "fowl" odor. maybe I'm deranged?

Jen said...

Teri - You're like Tim
You think it smells good..

You're both deranged

Zed said...

Okay, okay. Frankie's been complaining about the very same thing lately.

If I can get the scanner to work, I'll post F&J pictures on my blog. Check back later or tomorrow.

Oh. And Teri re: the rice. Yes. You. Are. Deranged.

Lynda said...

Do what I do when my husband makes beer. I make him brew it outside.

That stinks too!

Zed said...

FYI Frankie & Johnny fans:

As requested by the Slack, the pictures of the most beautiful cats in the world have been posted at:

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I'm all TOO familiar with back alleys behind dumpsters from soup kitchens deep in the bowels of New Orleans, Louisiana. I always did drink too much at Mardi Gras.

kim said...

I feel your pain with the beer.
My husband does that too

Mel said...

I dont buy that stuff because it looks nasty to me, but I know Hubby would love it. Ick. Hehe I am laughing at your description of the smell though!!

Ellie said...

isn't that the rice that you have to add stuff to it..?

I don't like stinky box rice, too much sodium!

Ritardo said...

wheres the san francisco treat when you need it.