Monday, August 28, 2006

boring toy flashback

I spent hours staring into this boring as hell chunk of plastic
There was nothing better to do..!
watch the clip

If you gave kids this toy today
they would probably throw it at you.

Apparently they still make it
check out these new fancy versions - here

My favorite “reel” was a preview reel
it wasn’t even a story
it was like an advertisement for other reels I didn’t own
I still remember it!
It had an ad for Spiderman reels, King Kong reels
The Six Million Dollar Man,
Some Cartoons, I think...
and scenic Travel pictures!
How do I remember this stuff???
Out of all the stacks of reels I had
I like the advertisement one the best HAHAHA!

Then they came out with the

I wanted this BAD
But did I get it??? - of course not!
My parents used the famous line
"You don't want that..."

I don't?


Nobody said...

I had the talking viewmaster. I bet you are jealous.

Zed said...

I don't know about Jen, but I'm raging with envy over your having the talking viewmaster, nobody.

I had one of the old versions and the button to advance the photos broke rather early on. And my parents never got us a new one.

Life was never the same. Waaaa!

Jen said...

I'm totally jealous.

Nobody said...

If it makes you feel any better, the talking one was just as boring as the regular one.

Mr. Fabulous said...

How could you have had one? I am a lot older than you. I thought they died with my generation...

Grant Miller said...

I gave my kids viewmasters. They don't really use them except on long road trips.

Sans Pantaloons said...

Why did spirograph suddenly jump into my mind when I saw this post?

Jen said...

I thought of that too!

spirograph post

Doctor Mom said...

I wanted a view master so badly when I was a kid... never got one. But when my kids were little, I made sure that they had one.

They're response... put it in the closet and let dust collect on it until it reaches garage sale material.

wonderturtle said...

I loved the 3-D slides with an exuberant passion, and I think they might still blow my mind. A little.