Saturday, August 26, 2006

I'm not drunk

Drunkest Cities
Ranks #10
Another reason to
make me proud to live
in the ocean state.
I wonder if I have any
Mikes Hard Lime left in the fridge?


Doctor Mom said...

Ha! Minneapolis and our green beer came in second!

Shameless Plug:
Vote Now for Idiot of the week!

Cheeseheads included!

monkey said...


Teri said...

woo hoo, Philly ranks number 9. sorry Jen, we beat you.

I guess our main priorities are cheesesteaks and tastykake.

Lynda said...

You should have titled it, "I'm not drunk...yet...." lol.

Anonymous said...

I suck. My city (or the closest one) is number 20.

Zed said...

We're 38th. What a bunch of losers!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Hell, if I lived in Rhode Island I would be shooting smack.

Well...I mean more than I already do.

Doctor Mom said...

I do hope you're using clean syringes and new needles Mr. Fab.

I know of a free clinic that might be able to help you if you have a need.

They're descreet.

Ritardo said...

what about ritardo city

Ritardo said...

minneapolis is in because its so freakin cold there. I was born there and lived there long enough to know. I still have frost on my nuts and that was 30 years ago

Doctor Mom said...

You're right Ritardo... They need the alcohol to keep their blood defrosted!

Hey Jen-- FYI, Dick and Fab are trying to pick on you in Cul-de-Sac

Jen said...

Doctor Mom - they are both trouble makers..aren't they!

Doctor Mom said...

They are trying to stir up something... I don't know quite what they're up to just yet!

Teri said...

Um Zed, there is no 38.