Sunday, August 06, 2006


I emailed my friend
this video because I
thought it was hilarious...
watch it

In retaliation she emailed
me THIS video and I'm still laughing
at how bad it is so I thought
I'd share it with you
watch it


Teri said...

it's from 1982, that should say it all.

Zed said...

That Michelle, she sure can dance.

If you want to see acting and emoting, check this out from the same "Stairway to Stardom" program.

Acting by Precious Taft

Scarlet said...

Wham! Wham!

Double dose of shockers!!

Gee, is "thanks" the word I'm thinking?

Your Girl Friday said...


Those awesome moves remind me of my Mom's dancing after a couple of drinks!!!


2 fools said...

I think I watched ALL of those videos... "fame" was one of the last. It's worth checking them all out, they're all fabulously gay.

cicibug said...

Ok I feel like I'm in the minority here...I LOVED Michelle. Just think If she was 16 when she filmed that she is 40 now and probably COMPLETELY MORTIFIED that this is out on the internet!!! I'm glad those old tapes of me dancing around have all been MYSTERIOUSLY destroyed...OOPS! Anyway, since I had my birthday Friday...YES, that's right I AM THE GREAT LEO...I have become very cynical. 45 will do that to ya. Blah blah blah. I'm done.

Jen said...

cicibug - can you imagine the horror -
when she googles her name (if she hasn't already)
and that video comes up! HAHAHAH