Friday, August 25, 2006

compelling... dynamic...
Friday Nornna

click it!


Anonymous said...

Hasn't any of her friends or someone ever told her how freakin' ridiculous this is?

Honestly, does she really think people give a shit about her brushing her teeth???

And yet, I am sucked in.

Lynda said...

Isn't she related to Dick Small? Because she should be.

Zed said...

HahaHA!!! Lynda you crack me up!

Yet, I do indeed see what you mean ...

Mr. Fabulous said...

BlogMad hit! Scrumptious!

Doctor Mom said...

Did you hear her Mom just ragging in the background??

Does she always do that?

JSV said...

I don't get the Norma obsession! Is it her hideous look? Her 85 IQ coupled with the urge to live life as a humanoid? What?

Have you experience in high school (that special place of intense social relations) Slack that brings back Norma senarios? What?

Please, tell us about your HS days that mysterious place called RI!

Chef Boyz-R-Neat said...

It's all just SO silly.

"No new taxes" "Weapons of Mass Destruction" Family history of lies.. said...

Hahahhaha Joe may be tapping into the right idea here.

Is the Slacker a closet "Norma"?

Would explain the Tim's coffee escapes. "Serve and chat, but get her out of the building!"


Jen said...

Lynda - She is related to Dick Small but they had a falling out...

They are not on speaking terms

Jen said...

"No new taxes"
-Is the Slacker a closet "Norma"?

You have found me out...
Right now I am video taping myself
typing this comment and later
I'll post it on You Tube
after I brush my teeth of course.

I bet you want to watch it
Don't you..???


Jen said...

Joe - I said it before & I'll say it again. I do it to torture you!

Is it the hideous look?
What do you mean?? Nornna isn't pretty?????? What do you mean?

I think maybe you're upset Joe... because you have fallen in love with Nornna.. and since she lives way out in Wisconsin a long distance realtionship would never work out..
am I right?? am I right??

it's okay to vent... let it all out


monkey said...

joe loves nornna?
it all makes perfect sense now
LoL heeheeheehahah

Monkey pie hole said...

Joe and Norna sitting in the web.
K i s s i n gee